I was born in Munich, Germany in 1979, and first began playing accordion and piano before I took up the trumpet when I was eleven.
After I graduated from the Pestalozzi High School of Fine Arts I studied jazz trumpet with Claus Reichstaller at the Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium in Munich, receiving my diploma in 2004. Since then I have played in a wide range of jazz ensembles and big bands as well as worked in theatre and music productions. 2016 - 2018 i did a Master degree at the Musikhochschule Carl-Maria-von-Weber in Dresden with Prof. Malte Burba, Sebastian Studnitzky and Tobias Willner.

The jazz public knows me best through the work with my quartet. The group gives me the chance to concentrate on my own compositions. We have performed concerts in Germany and in other countries. These include periodic work at the world-renowned Munich jazz club the Unterfahrt, and the legendary Radio Kulturhaus in Vienna. In 2015 Rejuvenation, the band's debut album, was released.

I consider myself to be a multifaceted player and feel at home with a wide variety of styles. I want the music to evoke feeling, purpose, and meaning, expressed through a good personal sound and solid technique. I would say that I am primarily a jazz musician who relishes the feeling of swing, groove, and the freedom of improvisation. Besides this, my interests are eclectic; more and more I find that I have a special love of and aptitude for classical music.

I've had the honor of playing with such musicians as Sam Rivers, Don Byron, Franco d´Andrea, Thomas Zoller, Roman Schwaller, Johannes Enders, Gary Smulyan, Dusko Gojkovic, Gàbor Bolla, Harald Rüschenbaum and the conductor Karl-Heinz Steffens.