Florian Brandl tp
Josef Ressle p
Rene Haderer b
Matthias Gmelin dr

My quartet is made up of top-level musicians playing my own compositions.

Influences from hard bop, mainstream, and modern jazz flow into a distinctive group sound that allows lots of room for interaction between musicians who love to play together. Swing, funk, and Latin jazz organically coalesce into an intense music bursting with energy. Sophisticated arrangements and improvisational freedom go hand in hand.

Our debut album, Florian Brandl - Rejuvenation, was released in June, 2015 on the Timezone label.

Most of the compositions on Rejuvenation are mine, and the title acts as a musical idea; we play a music with its own distinctive sound - youthful, fresh and stimulating.

When I play, my desire is to tell a story with depth, meaning, impact, and passion, and I feel fortunate to have found the right musical partners, players who I care about and with whom I most enjoy playing!

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Florian Brandl tp
Josef Ressle p
Rene Haderer b
Shinya Fukumori dr

Timezone TZ419
01. Second Coffee
02. Boraros tèr
03. Winter in June
04. Quaderno
05. Rejuvenation
06. Sicilian Girl
07. Love Song
08. Desorientiert
09. Big Breath
10. April Mist
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The CD can also be bought from me: simply write me an e-mail. I'll send it to you - I'll also autograph it if you want - it, along with the invoice, will be sent to you by the post (€16,95 including shipping costs).
I sell the CDs for €15 at the concerts.

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Gregor Poschoreck · Soultrain online
"Sometimes in an interpretive vein, sometimes in the best bebop style, at times clearly structured, at times playful, the jazz that courses through these ten titles always maintains its warm, strikingly organic character; there is a charm and intimacy throughout the set... The compositions are predominantly Florian Brandl's - earthy pieces that ring true ... for a debut album, Rejuvenation is a true hero of an album..."